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LOMI LOMI 90' - 120€
Package of 5 sessions: 4 + 1 free (480€ instead of 600€)

Re-connect your body & soul by indulging in a traditional hawaiian lomi lomi massage, where a series of long slides and stretches envelop you like the waves of the ocean. 
Lomi Lomi has been used for centuries by master healers and hawaiian families to promote health and longevity. It is also known for uniting body and soul again.

KO-BI-DO 50' - 95€ 
Optional: jellymask adapted to your skin 15€
Get the best skin ever by booking an intense cure to see instant lasting results:
Package of 5 sessions: 4 + 1 free (380€ instead of 475€) 
Package of 10 sessions: 8 + 2 for free (760€ instead of 950€)
All packages and gift vouchers are valid for 6 months

As we care for our skin on the long term, we provide traditional japanese ko-bi-do facial massages to boost collagen and rejuvenate dull, tired and aged skin, whilst re-energizing both the body and the mind.

The technique uses percussion and vibration to reach deep into the skin, muscles and bones.
Although it is appreciated worldwide for its aesthetic benefits, the objective of kobido is above all to improve the overall health of your skin.

SOUL JOURNEY 90' - 120€

Our soul journey has been created to elevate your business & life, by re-connecting you to your true self. We will analyze your current state of mind / life / business and help you re-organise to find balance. This can be by analyzing why you’re overworked / overwhelmed, and how you can make simple shifts in your business + life to acquire a calmer state of mind and therefore live a more balanced, healthy and happy life. Next to our business tips & tricks, we will give you some healthy tools to gain back energy & vitality. 

Think of easy food tips, supplements, do’s and don’ts to keep your balance, and much more.